Stacey Robinson

"She's like a great therapist, with a touch of witchy magic.."

I first discovered tarot in 2016 during a time in my life when everything was falling apart and I was feeling very lost. Constantly looking for answers from everyone and everything except myself, I eventually realized that no one could give me an answer that would "fix" things, and around this time I bought my first tarot deck. I found the cards fascinating and profoundly healing and slowly I began to cultivate a personal relationship with them and develop my skills of interpretation. I found that the cards were most effective when used as a mirror to uncover my deeper feelings, rather than a magic-eight-ball telling me to go left or right. The true wisdom of the tarot, I realized, lies in its ability to unlock our own inner guidance system, activating our self-awareness through a combination of conscious surrender, meaningful chance, and ancient, archetypal symbolism.

I believe that tarot can be a powerful tool for personal development and transformation if we are open to engaging with it in this way. I perform most readings "blind," meaning that I prefer not to know what the reading pertains to when I give my initial interpretation. This allows me to remain neutral and give an objective interpretation, and also to offer my clients complete privacy regarding potentially sensitive topics. It is entirely at your discretion how much or little information you chose to share with me.

Ultimately, my dream is to teach my approach to others, as I am continually amazed at the depth of understanding, nuance and clarity consistently uncovered with this method and I love to empower people to explore this rich and fascinating medium for themselves. I offer 1-on-1 readings both remotely and in-person, as well as event bookings, workshops, and private instruction.

Based in Berlin.

A woman holding the Moon tarot card