I Have Questions....

I Have Questions....

This classic, single-focus reading will examine your query from several angles and open your perspective to guide you towards deeper understanding and insight. I draw a total of six cards looking at where there are points of conflict or tension regarding the issue at hand, with an eye towards what they can teach you and how they can be most effectively approached or resolved. This reading will bring you a deeper sense of awareness around the chosen topic and illuminate the opportunities around you for personal growth, development, and fulfillment.


Please have your question clearly in mind when you place the order. Note that it is not required that you share your question or topic with me. I conduct what I call a "blind reading," in which I interpret the cards without knowledge of your specific question. If you choose to share your question with me, I then go over the cards once more with the question in mind. It's completely your choice whether you want to share your question or not. Both methods are equally effective.

Don't have a specific question? A general reading would be best in that case. Check out the offering Here and Now or the What Is Even Happening reading.


You have the option to recieve the reading as an audio file, written text, or live call. Please note that the average processing time for a written or audio reading is three to five business days. If you select the live call option, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment for the call within 24 hours.