Choice Paralysis?!

Choice Paralysis?!

Free will can feel like a burden sometimes! This reading is designed to help bring clarity and perspective when you find yourself at a tricky crossroads.


When faced with a difficult decision, the fear of making the wrong choice can often become blinding or even paralyzing. This reading is meant to open you up to see the big picture and help you to tune in to your inner compass.


The cards will never tell you which choice to make, but they can remind you of what you already know deep down and empower you with a renewed sense of perspective so that you feel confident in making the decision for yourself.


This reading comes in two available formats:

+ "A or B" looks at TWO specific options before you, as well as the general decision-making process.

+ "Multiple Options" is designed for a decision with more than two options, examining various angles of the choice at hand and the key priorities to bear in mind as you approach the opportunities available to you.


Note that you may share the specific decision you're facing with me, but it is not necessary to do so.


The average processing time for this reading is three business days.