Relationship Reading

Relationship Reading

This 7-card spread looks in-depth at a specific relationship in your life. The reading can be applied to a romantic relationship, business partnership, friends and family... any relationship that you would like to take a deeper look at. In this reading, I will look at where the relationship stands currently, what points of tension or conflict may be inhibiting its potential, and how both parties can bring the relationship to its highest and most fruitful expression.


Please note that the tarot as I practice it cannot be used to infringe upon anyone's free will or personal privacy. I cannot tell you what someone else is thinking or feeling, or what choices either of you will make with regards to the future of the relationship. What I can do is look at the energy around the relationship with an eye for what it can teach you, how you can most effectively approach it, and what risks to be aware of, for the benefit of everyone involved.


You are free to share as much or as little about the nature of the relationship as you like. I only ask that you please let me know whether you are ordering the reading just for yourself, or if you and the other party are ordering it together.


Note that fulfillment of this reading typically takes 3-5 business days.

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