Six Months of Tarot-Astro Sessions

Six Months of Tarot-Astro Sessions

What commitments have you made to yourself lately?

I often find that things don't really click into place until I commit myself to a path. Whether by signing up for a course, setting up a meeting, or clicking "send" on a message that's been sitting in my drafts, things don't ever seem to shift for me in a meaningful way until I jump all the way in.

My personal theory is that the body doesn't understand the concept of *someday.* It lives and breathes in the here and now, and so it only understands in those terms.

Like the Aces in the tarot presenting us with a possibility, we hang suspended until the invitation is accepted. When we say "right now" instead of "maybe later," even if we don't feel fully ready yet, our body can kick into the gear of whatever energetic shift is required to forge that particular path. It's the act of commitment that turns an imaginary offering into a lived experience.

For this reason, I am thrilled to offer a six-month package of regular monthly tarot/astrology readings that look in depth at your life with an eye for your highest evolution, empowerment, and success.

In these 60 minute, private sessions I examine any questions you have about your current circumstances, life path, and what to expect in the coming month, as well as what astrological transits to be aware of in the near future and how they may affect you according to your birth chart. These sessions are a combination of tarot and astrology with a heavy dose of intuitive downloads and guidance and they are perfect for anyone who wants to make a serious commitment to personal transformation and accountability. 


In our first session, we will assess where you are currently as well as your goals for the next six months. I will look at how your chart supports these goals, and what guidance the cards offer you in your situation. Each consecustive month, our sessions will be a place for you to check in with yourself and see how your visions are unfolding, make appropriate adjustments, and open up to your own intuitive guidance system. I will use the cards to examine how your situation is developing, as well as to answer any specific questions you have. Astrologically, we will check in with the major transits for the month ahead and how to make the most of them, as well as what areas of life are likely to be activated by the cosmic weather.


If you are ready to take your life goals to the next level, but you need some accountability and support in the journey, this is the perfect package for you.


Want to test it out first? I offer a free, 20-minute consultation call so you can get a feel for how I work and the energy I bring to the table. Write to to set up a call.