Written in the Stars: Tarot-Astrology Combo

Written in the Stars: Tarot-Astrology Combo

I am thrilled to feature my two favorite things together in one package: a combination reading which will examine a specific topic or question through the lens of both tarot and astrology. 


As a passionate enthusiast of both of these modalities, I find them each to be fantastic tools for re-framing our current circumstances in the language of archetype and myth. The tarot provides context and perspective about our present experience, while the birth chart offers a wealth of information about our natural gifts, talents, and behavioral tendencies. Each of these systems work well independently, but, when combined, they elevate and support each other, offering a holistic and multi-faceted view into the Self and the challenges at hand through the lens of personal development, accountability, and self-acceptance.


For the reading, I will draw a few cards (up to six) regarding the topic or question of your choice, and then examine your birth chart for any relevant information to the themes at hand, with an eye for what gifts this situation can help you to access within yourself, as well as how the current transits may be influencing things.


This reading is offered as an audio recording and typically runs anywhere from 30 minutes to aone hour, with the opportunity for follow-up questions via email. The average processing time for this reading is one week.


Note that, for this reading, I will need to know the question or topic at hand, although you are free to share as much or as little detail about the situation as you wish. If you prefer to keep your question completely private, I recommend my classic Single-Focus Reading which does not require me to know your question.