I don't really believe in anything supernatural but I love the way this woman does tarot readings. It started as a silly whim but I have had several readings now and I actually find them amazingly helpful as well as fun. She is very cynic-friendly in that she interprets your reading as a tool for you to examine your own thoughts/motivations/inhibitions, with new and enlightening perspective. You don't need to "believe" to find a lot of value in that. She doesn't really claim to see your future or predict specific events... it's more like an exploration of your situation/problem from lots of angles (the future being only one of many). ...However I do become more of a believer every time because of how (shockingly) relevant the cards always seem to be! She's like a great therapist, with a touch of witchy magic.


I’ve had many tarot readings... I remember every one I have had from Stacey. They have all pointed to something in my life that was deeply healing, impactful, or inspiring. In a reading with my wife when we had only been dating for 3 weeks, the cards pointed to marriage for us. And here we are, happily married! And the message helped us get here. Stacey has a special gift to lead you through what the cards have to tell you. They sometimes tell me something I don’t want to hear... but when I’m ready to listen, my life opens up to the wisdom contained in the message.


An incredibly insightful reading.

I'd started the year with a few big questions about the path I was on: this spread really helped to put in perspective where I'd come from, and helped me to clarify where it is that I want to go in this new year.


It happened that I got the honor to get a reading from Stacey and it was very enriching. I understood so much about myself, my origin and the phase I’m in. Stacey is very much loving what she does. You can feel that while she’s leading you through your Tarot story. In my case it was fun, revealing, caring and confronting. I grew from it. Thank you.


I got my Tarot reading from Stacey last month. It was a truly great experience. I got so much from my reading. I have been going around with a new outlook on life since. I am so much more positive and believe many good things are coming my way all the time as I feel I had such a positive tarot reading. I would highly recommend getting a tarot reading from Stacey. She is such a nice girl. She created a really nice atmosphere while she was doing the reading. I felt so comfortable and at home and excited as each tarot card was drawn.


It was my first time having a tarot reading, not knowing what to expect but Stacey had great energy and my reading surprisingly struck a chord with my life. Was a beautiful moment surrounded by candles!


My reading was very insightful and so accurate. Stacey is very kind and warm which made me feel so comfortable. She explained everything along the way and was very helpful since it was my first reading.
I highly recommend!


My reading was complex and nuanced, showing me a clear path forward. Stacey struck right at the heart of the matter in every area, which was astonishing and immensely helpful. She’s the only reader you’ll ever need!


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