Why "smoke + mirrors?"

Originally, the phrase "smoke and mirrors" referred to the early days of special effects in theater, where mirrors and smoke were used together to create the illusion of a supernatural occurrence on stage. Of course, my tarot practice is not intended to trick or deceive people.

To me, tarot is not a magic trick but a tool for expanding one's perception. When faced with a challenging situation, we naturally get stuck in our limited, ego-centric point of view, our thoughts looping through the same patterns and our eyes looking through the same lenses. Even if we go to a friend for advice, the friend will simply be giving us their version of the same limitations. With tarot, we objectify our circumstances by viewing them through the lens of the cards.  As a neutral interpreter, I tell you the story that I see in the cards, and it is for you to decide what resonates as true for you, allowing you to expand beyond your everyday point of view and see your circumstances in a new way. Like the smoke and mirrors that trick the eye, the cards create a trick of the imagination, allowing you to see your circumstances through a different lens. Through the language of symbols and archetypes, they reflect your question back to you, offering insight and perspective.